Saturday, July 1, 2017

Generation X and Xennials are Further Right Than You'd Think. Here's Why.

Typical hit piece on Stephen Miller from a liberal rag. Most of it is probably just cherry-picked material from folks with personal axes to grind. Some of it is likely outright exaggeration and fabrication.

But there are a few themes that I recognize from my own youth as being true. There are a lot of Gen-Xers and "Xennials" who understand that the Left set this country on the wrong course since the 1960s (or earlier). By the time the early 90s rolled around, the brainwashing operation was in full-swing.

Many of us recognized from an early age that "political correctness" was a form of pathological altruism and a precursor to national suicide, and we rejected it. We knew instinctively when the media and educational establishment tried to sell us a bill of goods.

And yes, we're not happy with the status quo. We know that the Left robbed us of our birthright before we were born. Andrew Breitbart once said his mission was "to destroy the institutional Left." A lot of us have dedicated our lives to that same cause. That's exactly why we voted for President Trump.

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