Friday, August 9, 2019

Don't Cry for Me, America? Weighing Migrant vs. Native Tears

The media endlessly presents accounts of the children of illegal aliens crying after the arrest and eventual deportation of their parents. The Democrats and the rest of the open borders crowd inevitably ask supporters of President Trump if the suffering of these migrant children is worth the effort. This question constitutes an attempt to emotionally blackmail Americans out of their own nation.

When our ancestors fought savages and foreign powers on their way westward across this continent, children likely cried during that time period as well. Yet our ancestors had the strength to understand that they had a duty to themselves and their own posterity. Humans will always compete over resources and territory in a world of scarcity. Where is that similar sense of confidence in ourselves today?

The Left claims to "[expletive] love science," but fails to account for Dunbar's Number, a finding which tells us that it is impossible for humans to care equally about all seven billion people on this planet. We are hard-wired to meaningfully distinguish between 150 people close at hand, before everyone else becomes a statistic.

We must make choices about whose pain we seek to privilege, and the Left has never explained why we should put the interests of other folks before our own. What's wrong with simply putting ourselves first? Self-abnegation is not a rational or natural behavior. What good is all the virtue signaling if your nation isn't around years from now to celebrate your story?

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